Speak up or hold back? A dilemma for women in the workplace

An article published this week in Harvard Business Review highlights a dilemma for women in the workplace.
They know their career advancement depends, in large part, on their ability to step up and be recognized for their accomplishments. An abundance of research shows visibility is critical to career advancement.

Here’s to a fine piece of storytelling

A witty new ad for Grammarly, the writing improvement software, shows us the power of a expertly crafted story. In “The Wedding Toast,” the best man to-be struggles to find the right words for his friend’s big day – a situation familiar to anyone who’s ever wrestled with the blank page.

Do women’s opinions count?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that smart women have ideas to contribute to the public dialogue.
And yet … somehow we continue to underutilize this valuable resource.

To persuade, appeal to feel

In her new book, science journalist Angela Saini explores the history behind the idea that women don’t make good scientists.

Before persuading, pre-suade

We all hope to be more persuasive, whether we’re selling, seducing, lobbying, advocating, preaching or parenting.

Illumination from the diva of presentation design

Every protagonist faces the same choices, says Nancy Duarte, CEO of Silicon Valley-based Duarte Design. She describes the protagonist’s dilemma in her latest book, Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies and Symbols….

Thought leadership in an eHarmony world

In his keynote at Pubcon in Las Vegas earlier this week, marketing guru Guy Kawasaki revealed that the key to successful marketing can be found in the online dating world. “Marketing is a Tinder world,” he said. “Not an eHarmony world.”

“Lincoln Speaks”: A Review

“Public sentiment is everything,” declared Abraham Lincoln in 1858 during his first senatorial debate with Stephen Douglas. “…He who molds public sentiment, goes deeper than he who enacts statues or pronounces decisions.”